Benefits of Mailbox Locks

Alert, cautious and watchful, you take all possible precautions to protect and safeguard your identity. Maybe because, you’ve heard the horrifying stories, perhaps you also know some victims of identity theft. Hence, you’re determined to prevent falling prey yourself.

So, you’re well-known to take certain precautions to: 

-  Protect your social security cards safely at your house and proceed with precaution when providing your security number.

- Check account statements diligently for suspicious activities or hire any service to do this.

- Keep shredder completely functional to dispose of documents properly containing your personal information.

- Guard against phishing scams.

- Create complicated passwords and regularly update them.

- Update virus-detection software and firewalls on mobile devices and computers.

- Review credit report once annually.

Your cautiously guard of own personal information gets great sense of security. Plus, it should. However, may we recommend a gap in the protection?

Your mailboxes

Yes, the hometown staple tops this list for being the second most riskiest non-technological place of identity theft.  And, all the deliberate securing of your documents and shredding information don’t address this problem. Protecting your mails before they get into your hand proves an imperative step to protecting against identity theft. With focus on virtual stealing and phishing schemes, the dependable snail mail boxes goes unprotected often, as per the locksmith Laveen experts. 


Sure, ramifications might be caught in case you monitor your monetary statements. But, irreparable damages may be done by then. No guarantees exist that the accounts would be restored or credited following a bout with unauthorized users. Thieves remove either outgoing or incoming mails from your box. Certainly, you’d notice, right? Possibly. But cunning criminals take what is required only to avoid exciting suspicion. But, after commandeering some pieces of mails over a short time period, thieves amass sufficient information to pose like you. 

With complete access to credit card statements and bill payments, identity thieves utilize account numbers to do purchases in your own stead. Taking a step more, filling in change of the address form on back of statement keeps activities hidden from you for a few months.

While paying the bills online, dropping out outgoing mails at post office and even checking financial statements can prove helpful, they provide a partial defence only. Even being aware to mail delivery pattern, making attempt to meticulously pick up mails quickly and reporting suspicious activities fall short or even prove impossible whenever you aren’t home during the day, as per the Laveen locksmith professionals. So, what solution remains?

Lock the mailboxes

This simple solution enables mail carriers to put mail into the boxes. But, a key is needed to remove it. Such a cost-effective measure can protect your mails and identity from burglary, suggest the Locksmith in Laveen AZ experts. You’d not leave personal information and valuables in your house, even your computer, unprotected and unlocked. Consider your mailboxes as an extension for your house.

Apartment buildings or communities with popular mail areas prove particular difficult to monitor because of levels of traffic. Locking mailboxes situated in the main gathering spaces can become especially imperative, recommend the Laveen Locksmithing experts. But, be aware that great risk exist at end-of-drive boxes too.